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1. General

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of this website and all the information available on or from the website. By entering and surfing this website, you expressly accept to accompanying Terms and Conditions.

2. Intellectual Property

i.   Copyright

The information on the website, including but not restricted to all images, pictures and other data (hereafter the ‘Information’) is under the ownership of Blue Lava Ltd and is protected by the Copyright Correction Act 2017 of Mauritius.

Except if you have any written confirmation from Blue Lava Ltd, the information on the website may not be reproduced, dispersed, duplicated, changed or utilized, either partially or fully, unless it is for your own and personal use, provided that any replicate of such information explicitly displays this Copyright notice.

ii.  Trademarks

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3. Collection and utilization of Data

By using the website, you are in full faith, acknowledging that Blue Lava Ltd can collect, safeguard and use the information you have given. Blue Lava Ltd may collect the data you provide when you fill the “Request A Quote” page on the website. It is your sole responsibility to provide us with your correct contact details and information, failing to which we may be unable to revert back to you.

By using the website, you expressly agree that we can use and distribute all the information you provide via the website, and that you have not broken any laws, rules, regulations, or rights by using or publishing said information. By supplying your information on the website, you are allowing us to a universal, unchangeable permit to use the information for business development and marketing purposes.

4. Competitors Policy

Competitors or any individual directly related to competitors are requested to refrain from requesting a quote or getting in contact with our company concerning any commercial request.

5. No Unauthorized Use of Images

Images of people or places used on the website are the legal property and must be used with authorization of Blue Lava Ltd. Using these images or allowing other people to use the images, is restricted unless if explicitly permitted by these Terms. Any unwarranted use of the pictures may break copyright laws and trademark laws.

6. Change of Terms

Blue Lava Ltd may alter these Terms by improving them and may also change the information on the website at any given time. You are limited by any alteration and must visit the website frequently to check the Terms to which you are bound. All changes are effective immediately as and when the amendments are done on the website.

7. Disclaimer

MCUISINE is a Trademark which is the legal property of Blue Lava Ltd. The information on the website gives no guaranty to the completeness and exactness of the information therein, and Blue Lava Ltd assumes no liability or obligation for any oversights or mistakes on the Site. Besides, Blue Lava Ltd claims all authority to change any or all the materials with no earlier notification. With no impediments from the above mentioned, the materials on the Site is given ‘as is’ with no guarantee, implied or expressed. Blue Lava Ltd does not ensure lasting and continuous admittance to the Site.